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Snowleopards – an Unavoidable Disagreement

With the growing population of humans they take a big part of the natural habitat of the animals. Predators like our cats have an decreasiing place to live in and there are less and less natural prey animals who also disappear with the decreasing nature surrounding them. Often predators are moving outside the protected areas and enter the human world. They kill the livestock of the local people and are often killed by doing so. It’s an increasing conservation issue and it’s something that has to be dealt with on short terms or it will be too late.

My friend Amit Mitra from Bangalore, India, has established Conservancyfilm, a non-profit group of 4 IT Professionals, who driven by love and concern for wildlife strive to make conservation awareness films in effort to safeguard the fast disappearing natural reserves.

Look at his interesting documentary on the snowleopard. WCM hopes to go and try to see the Snowleopard in the wild in the near future too. This will be a big challenge though as they live in a habitat that’s not easy to reach with freezing temperatures to go along with this.

View the movie.

Conservancy Efforts – films for a better planet

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Cat of the month

African Golden Cat (Profelis Aurata)

The African Golden Cat (Profelis aurata) is a medium-sized wild cat distributed over the rainforests of West and Central Africa. It is about 80 cm (31.5 inches) long, and has a tail of about 30 cm (approximately one foot) in length. It is a close relative of both the Caracal and the Serval. However, current classification places it as the only member of the genus Profelis.

Due to its extremely hidden living style, not much is known about this cat’s behaviour.

The African Golden Cat is able to climb, but hunts primarily on the ground. Prey includes rodents, birds and monkeys. It also hunts duiker and even the Giant Forest Hog.