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Rare Iberian lynx sighting

From Alvaro Peral, who works as a wildlife guide in Spain, we received exclusive pictures (and video) of the Iberian Lynx he sighted in the wild. The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is the world’s most endangered feline species. However, conservation measures (captive breeding project for releases in the wild) have seen its population inch above 400.


Wild Cats Of the World

Great ‘caricature drawings’ of all our beloved wild cats that badly need protection, by Rohanchak, artist from India?!
Can you see the African wildcat, Black-footed cat, Caracal, Cheetah, Leopard, serval, Pallas cat…….and all other species??? Enjoy!!

Black-footed Cat Hunting & Diet

With their immense home ranges, Black-footed Cats spend about 70% of the night hunting. They move between 4.5 and 16 km, averaging 8.5 km per night. These distances represent odometer readings of the tracking vehicle, while 16 km moved by the truck would correspond to more than 30 km moved by the cat zig-zagging between bushes and termite mounds.


Lost leopard cub reunited with mother after two-hour rescue operation in Maharashtra

Cub was likely left in the safety of a sugarcane field in Shirur, Pune, when mother was going on hunt, said experts who released it and saw the mother carry it away.

(Mumbai, India – the place where they can live peacefully close to leopards; ed.)


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