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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Happy 19th Birthday, Queeny

The first Sacred Cat of Birman in our Cattery turned 19 today (27th of June). Happy Birthday to her!

As it is a special Day for a very special cat we just have to share this with all our followers. Queeny survived a severe pancreas infection and 5 days as ” lost feral cat” a few years ago and is still going strong. So proud of our Grand Lady.

Up to the 20.

Orphan African wildcat kitten: Phoebe

The pretty girl you see on the photos, is Phoebe. A few weeks ago she was brought in at our sanctuary.

They found her all alone in the bush, near a lodge. There’s not many cats around this place in the bush, apart from a few African wildcats that have been sighted. As for her looks she is expected to be their offspring.

When she was brought to us she suffered from a serious blockage. We brought her to the vet who treated her twice. After that, and with the help of a special diet to prevent more future problems, she recovered completely.

Phoebe turned out to be a very pretty and feisty girl.