Projects in Progress at Spotted Cats Conservation, SA

Ever since June this year there’s work in progress at our Spotted Cats Conservation Project in SA. After the huge leopard enclosure, projects for black-footed cats, servals, caracals have been started and finished.
The huge new camp for lions Chuck and Norris has been worked on hard by Francois Erasmus and his workers as we speak. Hopefully this will be finished by the end of this year so that both “Ambassadors Against Canned Hunting” can move in.

Early next year another project will be started: Leopards Phase II, with another huge enclosure and new leopards coming in to form future couples with resident leopards Feline and Felix.

At the caracalproject male Leo will join female Lea, and the ashes of late caracal Nina will be spread there. This will officially open the caracalproject, honouring Nina who died of human cruelty in sanctuary/Stichting Leeuw (Lion), Landgoed Hoenderdaell, Anna Paulowna in the Netherlands.

Of course we are relying solely on gifts and sponsoring, and we like to express our gratitude and heartfelt sympathy to the generousity of some supporters, who already helped us to realise so many fantastic projects, creating the life our great cats deserve!
By volunteering at our project you can also support us! For more info please contact us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter (see the icons in the header) or on the website

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