About cruelty and abuse: save the Asian leopard cat

Yes these pictures (just a few of too many) are shocking and disgusting, but we need to shown this to raise awareness: this is how our fellow “humans” treat animals, like on these pictures the Asian Leopard Cat.
Jane Baker is the Jane Goodall for the Leopard Cat, giving her all – fighting for this species, and we thank her for her great work and dedication to this wonderful species that doesn’t deserve the ugly human treatment.

Fur is from beautiful animals used and abused by ugly people, often skinned alive. Not just for fur, but also to end up being eaten.

500,000 Leopard Cats are slaughtered a year for the illegal fur trade.One furrier in China has stock piled over a million Leopard Cat skins,Japan buys 65 per cent of these furs and makes coats,and blankets from their fur.

Time to raise awareness and put a stop to this cruel and unnecessary business. Save the Leopard Cat!




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