Happy 19th Birthday, Queeny

The first Sacred Cat of Birman in our Cattery turned 19 today (27th of June). Happy Birthday to her!

As it is a special Day for a very special cat we just have to share this with all our followers. Queeny survived a severe pancreas infection and 5 days as ” lost feral cat” a few years ago and is still going strong. So proud of our Grand Lady.

Up to the 20.

Orphan African wildcat kitten: Phoebe

The pretty girl you see on the photos, is Phoebe. A few weeks ago she was brought in at our sanctuary.

They found her all alone in the bush, near a lodge. There’s not many cats around this place in the bush, apart from a few African wildcats that have been sighted. As for her looks she is expected to be their offspring.

When she was brought to us she suffered from a serious blockage. We brought her to the vet who treated her twice. After that, and with the help of a special diet to prevent more future problems, she recovered completely.

Phoebe turned out to be a very pretty and feisty girl.

Sponsor/adopt a Cat

Wild cats World is a non-profit organisation relying on the generosity of the (wild) cat enthusiasts. By sponsoring/Adopting a cat you will be a great support in the monthly expenses to give this particular cat (at our sanctuary in South Africa) the best life possible.

To sponsor a species is also possible. If you want to make a donation knowing every penny is going to the cats: this is your chance!!!

For each sponsoring/adoption:

  • Mention on website/big sponsors on enclosure
  • Member of the closed WCW pages on facebook Friends of/WCW leopards
  • Monthly newsletter by e-mail
  • Certificate by e-mail
  • visit to WCW
  • Various other sponsor options possible.

Write to info@wildcatsmagazine.nl for more info.

Sponsor/adopt a Cat - optiond

Catfriends? May we appeal to your generosity?

Wild Cats World and founder/owner Babette de Jonge has been moving heaven and earth for 11 years, to do what’s best in her power for CATS. Wild Cats, big and small, but also feral cats and domestic cats who need help.

Feral cats need help

The group of feral Cats on this picture , and many other homeless cats, benefit from her and WIld Cats World: daily care, love, food and water. Some we had sterillised, castrated and vaccinated as well. Showing the ultimate love and dedication to these animals and new ones who need to be rescued, a property was bought and a new sanctuary is started. African wildcats, black-footed cats, caracals, cheetahs, leopards, servals, domestic cats, feral cats, but also an Anatolian Shepherd dog in need of a new owner and lots of rabbits, chickens, quails have a forever safe home at the new WIld Cats World Sanctuary.

Leaving the current place, we still want to take full responsibility as for all feral cats that need our help so badly. We cannot leave them behind to die. With us They would continue to have the daily care and love, but a huge camp needs to be constructed for them. Our funds are zero now due to Covid-19 and all done so far to provide the wild Cats, big and small, with a perfect forever home and continuous care. Don’t be mistaken millions of Rands go into this “charity project”.

So, that’s why we just want to appeal to the generosity of the cat Friends…
Funds needed is 6000 euro to home approx. 20 cats
Suggestion/option as to co-sponsor this WCW feral cat project:

  • 1000 euro: name 5 Cats for which you get a photo, mention on Facebook, website and enclosure.
  • 2000 euro: name 10 Cats for which you get a photo, mention on Facebook, website and enclosure.
  • 3000 – 6000 euro: name 20 Cats and maybe we can rescue more . Mention on Social media, website and enclosure. Free visit to see all Cats.
  • smaller donation: when not enough Funds to build the enclosure, every single penny will be used to buy food for the cats.

All sponsors get the monthly newsletter and is welcome at the closed WCW FB pages.

Please Friends……we cannot leave these Cats without food, water and care.

Paypal – info@wildcatsmagazine.nl

South Africa: First National Bank Wild Cats World Sanctuary
Acc.no: 62865321592
Branch code: 260216
Ref: feral cats project

Europe: Stichting Wild Cats World ABN AMRO Bank
IBAN NL22ABNA0517247135
BIC code of the bank is ABNANL2A
Ref: feral cats project

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