World Lion’s Day 2020 – Lions facing extinction

Why the need for a ” World lions day”? Like most species, the lion is endangered and facing extinction.

On the map below, the habitat of African lions in 1920 is marked in red. In blue today’s habitat of lions is indicated. In just half a century humans succeeded in bringing lions to the brink of extinction. In Africa the numbers have been reduced from 200.000 to a mere 20.000 today. Of the remaining population, only 4000 are males… In the knowledge that only 10% of the males are dominant and thus reproducing for the next generation, you can see that the gene pool is extremely small and eventually will weaken the species.

We have to keep raising awareness for the numbers declining rapidly.
On World Lion’s Day (10/08/20) more than any other day, we have to share the message that The King is not going to survive, if we don’t act rapidly.


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